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Pack of 3 Period Panties

Pack of 3 Period Panties

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Keep feeling comfortable on your period

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  • Teenagers

    Skip the school period hassle and keep your teenager feeling comfortable with Juniper period panties.

  • People with Urinary Incontinence

    Feeling anxious about going out with urinary incontinence? Keep your confidence with Juniper's absorbent panties.

  • Anyone who Menstruates!

    Light or heavy flow, Juniper's period underwear are there for you. Goodbye pad hassle!

Ditch the pads

Why are Juniper Period Panties Better?


We thought about your day too. Need a small place to store your underwear inside your bag? Need to carry an extra underwear with you? Each Juniper period underwear comes with its own cotton pouch!


Juniper period panties are designed with a high waist to make you feel good on your toughest period days.


The fabric, the feel, we know it's important! Cotton is comfort.


Juniper's period panties are padded all the way to the back. Laying on your back? No problem! We've got you covered, literally ;)


Simply wear it, and go about your day


Goodbye pads! you will not look back.