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Juniper Booklet

Juniper Booklet

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We know new experiences can be scary; we created this booklet for you

We know new experiences might seem scary, that is why we created this booklet to guide you through it all. In this booklet you will not only find information about the period cup, you will also find information about the menstrual cycle, the female body, stigmatized topics, and more. This booklet was created to transform your menstrual cycle into an empowering experience!
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To Break the Stigma & Empower You

An Easy Booklet for Difficult Topics

This booklet was created with the aim of breaking the stigma, busting myths, and raising awareness around the menstrual cycle.

It is a short booklet, with topics addressing

  • The menstrual cycle,
  • Body image,
  • Conversations with teenagers,
  • Conversations with parents about such topics, as well as other topics
  • Female anatomy
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • The booklet also contains more information on the period cup.