How to Use Your Period Cup

Choose Your Size

Juniper cup is available in 3 sizes:

Sprout: The size for teenagers who just started having their period or for women who are petite in body size.

Juni: The size for most young women who have not had a full term pregnancy.

Berry: The size for women who have had a long term pregnancy.

  • with vaginismus

    With Vaginismus

    Depending on the treatment stage

  • right after pregnancy

    After Pregnancy, Miscarriage or Gynecological Surgery

  • with an iud

    With an IUD

    - If your IUD is prone to displacement

  • while having a yeast infection

    While having Yeast Infections and/or other Vaginal Infections

  • with other medical conditions

    With other Medical Concerns

    or if you are experiencing any unusual vaginal sensations

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Things you might want to know about the period cup


Can the cup get stuck?

Definitely not! At the top of the vagina, the cervix acts like a doorway that does not allow any foreign objects to enter the uterus. The space for the cup is limited to the length of the vagina.

Will I lose my virginity because of the cup?

The cup will definitely not affect virginity! Hymens look different for different girls; some women are born without a hymen. Hymens are also often elastic. That being said the hymen cannot indicate virginity, even a Dr. cannot differentiate a virgin woman!

Does cleaning the cup require soap?

Not at all, if you sterilize the cup and rinse it following our
guidelines, no soap is needed in the process. Be careful, residual soap on the cup can cause vaginal pH imbalance.

For how long can I use the cup?

Depending on your flow, the cup stays in the vagina for 8-12 hours before it is removed and emptied. If your flow is really heavy, you might want to keep it in for as little as 6 hours.

How many cups do I need?

One! You only need one cup for 5-10 years!

Will the blood spill and make a mess?

As long as you follow our guidelines, remove it gently above the toilet seat or in the shower, it will not be messy. Keep in mind your period blood is as clean as the rest of the blood in your body!

Is it possible to use the bathroom with the cup inside?

Of course! The cup goes in the vaginal opening, while urine and stool come out of 2 different openings. Click here to take a look at our anatomy!

Can I sleep, exercise, or swim with the cup inside?

Of course you can! Once inserted correctly, the cup creates a vacuum seal and It cannot be felt at all. No worries about leaks for long hours; enjoy swimming, sleeping, and exercising care-free!