How to Use Your Period Cup

Period Panties Don'ts

To Preserve your period underwear:

  • Don't use fabric softener
  • Don't tumble dry
  • Don't wash at warm temperature
  • Don't use bleach

Things you might want to know about period panties


period underwear absorbent layers

How does the period underwear work?

Juniper's period panties are made of several layers that absorb the blood and keep you feeling fresh. They are enough on their own, no pads needed!

Can I sleep with the period panties?

Yes you can! Please test it with your flow first. If you have a light-to-moderate flow, you can definitely sleep with the underwear. On the first two days of your period, with heavy flow, it can be a good option to couple it with the period cup.

How do I choose the level of absorption?

Is your flow light, moderate, or heavier than average? For light flow choose light-moderate.

If you have moderate flow, you need moderate-heavy for your heavier days, and light-moderate for your lighter days.

For heavy flow, we recommend to couple your period underwear with the period cup. Yes, we call them the power couple - check out our period power kit!

Can I wear the period underwear on its own?

Yes of course! It is made to absorb blood just like pads. Depending on your preference and personal needs, you might prefer to use it with the period cup. For example, with extremely heavy flow.

How long can I wear my period underwear?

Based on your flow and period day, you need to experiment with the number of hours that are best for you. With light flow, or towards the mid-to-end of your period, you can wear your period panties for a full 12 hours.

What is the period underwear made of?

Juniper's period panties are made of layered absorbent and leak-proof fabric. The fabric hugging your body is made of cotton and will keep you feeling comfortable.